• Paloma - olive hammock
  • Habana - chocolate lounger hammock chair
  • Domingo - plum family hammock
  • Orquidea - volcano hammock chair
  • Flora - blossom family hammock
  • California - avocado hammock
  • Joki outdoor - spider children hammock chair
  • Domingo - dolphin lounger hammock chair
  • Bosanova champagne family hammock

Hängmatta, Hängstol | Los Andes Hängmattor

Los Andes Hängmattor sold La Siesta quality hammocks, hammock chairs, stands and accessories since summer 2000
Nowadays we are a La Siesta Premium Webshop. We know how a good hammock or hammock chair should be.

La Siesta is a quality brand and their hammocks and hammock chairs follow the trends in decoration and design.
​You will discover that there are hammocks and hammock chairs in many trendy colors, designs and fabrics such as pure cotton, organic cotton, weatherproof HamacTex ® fabric 

You want to find Manufacturing Countries such as Colombia, Brazil, India, Italy, Poland Mexico and GermanyLook around and get inspired!